How To Build A Career In Project Management In 2024?

April 20th, 2019
Project Management

Often the words ‘project management' makes one imagine a guy in a hard hat. But that is no longer the case. Business owners have now realized that project management plays an important role, especially, if they want their business to move on the path of success.

As a project manager, you will help define the objectives and goals for every project you start. It is you who will determine when the various components of a project need to be finished. Also, you determine who carries out the work. You will also have to carry out checks to ensure the quality of the work is of a high standard.

Why Project Management?

As a Project Manager, you can find yourself in positions and roles that pay well and offer great challenges. Plus, you have the opportunity to work in several different areas within a company.

To begin with a career in project management, you'll need to get a suitable certification.  What you need to remember is that as part of your role you will need to make important judgments. These are the kinds of decisions that might not only cost a company time but also wealth.  But once you have gained the relevant project management certification you can expect to earn between $80,000 and $100,000 a year. This role can be much demanding, and you will find that you need to dedicate a great deal of time and effort to it, especially when the need to meet deadlines arises.

Platforms of a Career in Project Management:

You need to be patient when looking to appear in your career as a Project Manager. You are not going to walk directly into a high paying position. Once you do get involved, there is the potential to earn not only a good wage but also get involved in some wonderful projects.


The first and foremost step to becoming a project manager is to get the right education. You don't need to earn a degree in project management, but expert training would prove profitable.  By choosing to go down the path of obtaining industry certification, you will gain an edge over your competitors. It also means you have more opportunities for landing the best place in the project management company.

If you choose to get a degree, it will show that you are serious about your career in this field.  After getting trained, you will have to decide whether what area of project management you want to become more involved with. There are several different routes you can take.

Project Co-Ordinator:-

Perfect for those just starting out in the industry. Instead of being in charge, you will work as an assistant to the project manager. This way you can learn more about what the role entails. Also, it helps you avail of experience that you can use when you take on the role of managing projects yourself. You have the opportunity to continue your education. This means you will be able to apply to more senior positions later on.

Product Development Project Manager:-

This is suitable for those who have a keen analytical idea.  Here you aren't just involved with the development of a product, but also how it is going to be commercialized and marketed. What industries you choose to get involved with a will, of course, determine what projects you are responsible for.

Construction Project Manager:-

Although the production industry has seen something of a downturn in recent years, several companies are still looking for people with the essential skills and experience to fulfill such roles. The size of projects varies quite a bit depending upon the size of the company you work for. Also, you need to be able to communicate well as you are going to collaborate nearby with other adept professionals.

Information Technology Project Manager:-

Technology plays an important role in our life, and so does the role of the IT Project Manager. The responsibility here is to ensure that the IT Department works in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  You need to acquire a specific set of skills in order to work in this type of project management.  The great thing is you can learn these skills while working by attending an online course.

Environmental Research Project Manager:-

Are you passionate about protecting the environment? Then this is an area of project management course you may want to get engaged in. As with all project manager roles, your duties will vary considerably from project to project. Along with developing and creating plans for projects, you'll need to coordinate staff and schedule duties that they need to carry out.

Become A Consultant:-

This is the career path you would like to move forward on after you have been working as a project manager for several years. The primary advantages of this career move are that you get to choose the projects you want to work on. This means you will have a lot more challenges to face and work will prove to be more exciting.  You also can choose when to work and when not to.  If you don't want to freelance or business, consider seeking employment with a company that already offers such facilities.

It doesn't matter what career path you choose when it comes to project management. What is important to remember is that time is money. Businesses are looking for people who can develop plans and then put them in place to help keep costs down. Working in Project Management

You'll get to know that working as a project manager can be demanding. You'll need to work hard and devote a great deal of time and try to the role to ensure that deadlines are met.  Over time, you'll find that your knowledge and experience will make you a much more effective manager.

What Can You Expect As a Project Manager?

Everywhere your career, you will find yourself learning new skills. This is because no two projects are ever alike; anyhow they will be entirely or partially different.  Also, you will find that each project comes with its own set of challenges, forcing you to have a different plan of action for each of the projects.

You would have the chance to work with a variety of interesting people, some of whom may even come up with ideas that you may not have considered before. For those who like to work in a team, a career in project management is an excellent option to consider but you need to project management training first.

What Is the Outlook for Project Management?

The project management industry is continuously changing.  As a result of this, both project managers and their teams need to stay ahead of the game.

More companies are choosing to work with remote project teams rather than those in-house. This is as a result of being able to utilize the many software and cloud-based tools that help such teams run more efficiently.  They can work on projects in other countries while retaining a high level of integrity. 

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