How to Become a Certified ITIL Expert

May 2nd, 2019
Become ITIL Expert

Do We Know ITIL?

We know these days our everyday task be it personal or professional is linked with technology in all aspects and to handle this technology ever company requires to update its IT and IT experts. Without knowing the in and out the functioning of technology it is hard to manage. Companies updated and evolved with their IT capabilities to stay in business in much better way. IT services of a company should be well aware of current processes and management practices.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL was designed to standardize the process of IT management. Now the question arises what is ITIL? So ITIL is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on the alignment of IT services according to the needs of the business. ITIL provides direction to an organization and people to use IT as a tool to promote business transformation, and development.  It allows the organization to establish a baseline by describing nontechnology specific procedures and tasks but can be applied by an organization toward strategy, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency. ITIL was developed in the 1980s by Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), a UK government body as a set of recommendation which acknowledged that, without standard practices, government or private bodies had started independently creating their own IT management practices. Initially, it came out as a set of books each covering the specific practice of ITSM.

The goal of ITIL online training is to develop efficiency and achieve expected service levels. Its prime objective is to boost performance and accomplish certain service levels. The triumph of ITIL is achieved because of its vendor neutrality, superlative practices and easy to understand framework. AXELOS, a joint venture between HM Cabinet Office and Capita Plc owns ITIL.

ITIL lifecycle consists of 5 different stages:

● ITIL Service Strategy

● ITIL Service Design

● ITIL Service Transition

● ITIL Service Operation

● ITIL's Continual Service Improvement.

Feature of being flexible, scalable and versatile makes ITIL implementable at any IT department. Its framework is good enough to document the process, functions, and roles in IT service management.

ITIL is a complete package that is divided into various levels and modules. It envelops everything from service strategies to continuous improvement, it just not only enables a user to adapt IT service infrastructures but also prepares them for further upcoming changes.


ITIL is a framework that is widely accepted worldwide. High profile organizations like NASA, IBM, HSBC, and many others are implementing ITIL. ITIL Training is best suitable for organizations of any size or industry.

Some beneficial key points of ITIL use are listed below to know why we should use ITIL.

  • Better understanding between IT and the business
  • Better use of resources also helps in reduction of cost
  • transparency of IT costs and assets
  • business risk management
  • better service delivery and customer satisfaction

How To Get ITIL Certified?

The ITIL certification is a qualification for those who yearn to show their knowledge of the ITIL scheme completely. People possessing this certificate must demonstrate their success in a variety of ITIL abilities that are well rounded, finer in quality and reveal the highest possible skills in ITIL best practices. This is a very significant credential that would assist you in your own personal growth as well as your IT career and advance your understanding of IT management services. Another purpose of this qualification is to lead you to the ITIL Master Level, which is the top and last qualification in the ITIL scheme. Check the list of professional course

A viable candidate needs to go through a series of qualifications, achieve a minimum acceptable number of credits and then be granted the certificate. It all depends on the examination institute you choose to have your training and examinations in. other than training and taking an exam in MALC, candidates who possess the Service Manager or Practitioner qualifications can benefit themselves from these certificates in qualifying for the ITIL Expert Level.

Career Growth And Role of Post ITIL Certification

The ITIL Expert certification is the perfect credential for those who desire the career path of the IT sector. An owner of this certification can handle many organizational roles such as Service Desk, IT Operations Management, and Technical Management, Security Administrator, Database Administrators, Service Delivery Team Member, Manager and many more. The demand for this credential is towering global and makes holders stand out from others. The pay for those who can handle the mentioned posts is very high, with estimating the median salary to be close to $90,000 per annum.

ITIL certification is a beneficial one for an individual to grow rapidly on a path of IT services also having an ITIL certified employee benefits the organization and give an opportunity to grow better with the right utilization of IT resources.

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