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Top 10 Cyber Security Tools You Must Know

Vidhi Gupta
July 9th, 2024
8:00 Minutes

The inflow of sensitive data has increased for organizations and that has directly impacted the need for top-notch cyber security. Technology is being extensively used for most tasks, which also contributes to this increased need. Cybercrimes are proliferating and so is the demand for professionals having knowledge of top cyber security tools.

There are plenty of cybersecurity tools out there. These are used depending on different factors and the organizational needs. Some of these tools are paid, while some are free and open source. Cybersecurity professionals must gain skills and knowledge of optimally using these tools for a bright career. This blog covers the top ten cyber security tools to know about.

An Overview of Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to a practice wherein organization's information or data is secured from cyber criminals. More technologies get adopted in personal and professional lives, which has made it easier for such people to steal data. But changing technology also means better technology and that is exactly what cyber security does.

It's a cat and mouse game wherein the attacker tries to get through the network but is stopped by professionals. But these attacks and defending happens in a virtual world, wherein cybersecurity tools are used. There are plenty of existing and emerging tools out there, each with brilliant use cases.

The cyber security path is increasingly becoming more lucrative. Better technological advancements means more career opportunities and growth scope. This has directly impacted the popularity of this sector. More and more individuals are getting attracted to this field and there is no dearth of opportunities for any of those.

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Types of Cyber Security Tools

Before this blog moves to the best tools for cyber security, let's first understand their types. There are dozens of tools and each of those are based on a certain area or domain of interest. Here are certain types-

  • Vulnerability assessment tools
  • IPS/ IDS tools
  • Network detection & response tools
  • Security information & event management tools
  • Privileged access management tools
  • Digital forensic tools
  • Email security tools
  • Firewall tools
  • Data loss prevention tools
  • Penetration testing tools
  • Endpoint detection & response tools

Top 10 Cyber Security Tools to Know

As mentioned above, there are dozens of tools for cyber security in the market. While not every tool is apt for every organization, here are the top ones. Learning about these tools is sure to benefit companies and the skilled professionals.


Wireshark is used globally to analyze network protocol. It aids in capturing with pcap, along with storing and analyzing every packet thoroughly. Various OS platforms like macOS, Linux, Windows and Solaris are supported by Wireshark. It's an open-source tool.

One of its key features is that it analyzes real-time data from various types of protocols. Color coding is used to showcase the packets when they match a specific rule. Packets are captured from the pcap-supported networks only.


  • Free


Aircrack-ng is full of security tools for accessing WiFi network security controls. It also works on monitoring, testing, cracking and attacking WiFi security. It is most often used by hackers for hacking WiFi by cracking WAP, WAP2 and WEP encryption techniques. It has various packet injection and sniffing features and is available for all major OSs.


  • $65 Per User

Nessus Professional

It's a commercial tool and is used for vulnerability assessment. It's used to find security vulnerabilities, misconfiguration of systems, security flaws, network devices and servers. It is also usable for auditing and compliance purposes. Being an advanced tool, all these features are automated.


  • $3500- annual subscription
  • $3913- annual subscription + advanced support
  • $6825- 2-year subscription
  • $7651- 2-year subscription + advanced support

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Network Mapper or NMAP is an open-source tool that's used to scan the networks. It's a great pick for discovering hosts, identifying security vulnerabilities and gathering information about different network devices. This tool supports all major operating system platforms like MAC OS, Linux and Windows. It's free, flexible, portable and has well-documented steps.


  • $7,980 per quarter for small organizations
  • $11,980 per quarter for mid-sized organizations
  • $13,980 per quarter for large organizations


It's a vulnerability scanner tool for performing various cybersecurity assessments throughout the company's structure. It can look for web application attacks, cross-site scripting, security patches, etc. It's a commercial tool and has three versions.


  • $113 per license- Intruder Essential
  • $181 per license- Pro


Hashcat is a popular tool for cracking passwords. It supports 250+ hashing algorithms including SHA-family, LM and MD-family. It supports macOS, Linux and Windows. It has various useful features like versatility, flexibility and swiftness. Several hash values enable professionals to execute brute-force attacks. It performs multiple cyber attacks such as mask attacks, dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, permutation attacks, etc.


  • $0.63 - $2112.52 (one-time payment)

Kali Linux

It's an advanced, open-source penetration testing tool that acts as ethical hackers and cyber attackers. It has 600+ tools like WPScan, Burp Suite, Hydra, NMAP, Autopsy, Maltego, etc. It's a Debian-based Linux distribution tool.


  • Free


Metasploit is a popular open-source penetration testing tool in the cybersecurity sector. Both cyber attackers and defenders utilize this tool depending upon their intentions. It has many inbuilt modules used for payload executions, encoding, executing shell codes, exploiting, listening, Nops and auxiliary functions. A company's security posture can be improved by performing security assessments with this tool.


  • $15k per year on an average.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is an amalgamated platform containing multiple tools used in penetration testing. It's a favorite amongst bug bounty hunters and pen testers. Some popular tools in it include Sequencer, Spider, Repeater, Decoder, Scanner, Proxy and Intruder. All these are used for various security testing processes.


  • $449 per user per year- Professional
  • $1,999 per year- Enterprise Edition (PAYS)
  • $5,999 per year- Enterprise Edition
  • $49,999 per year- Enterprise Edition (Unlimited)


Snort is a leading IDS/ IPD tool that uses a certain rule set to identify malicious activities and generate security alerts. It can be deployed and functioned for official and personal purposes both. It was developed by CISCO Systems.


  • $29.99 per sensor- Personal
  • $399 per sensor- Business

Final Word For Cyber Security Tools

These top cyber security tools are a must know for anyone who's looking to begin their career here. It's a lucrative job space with plenty of opportunities for those with the right skills and knowledge. Get started today for amazing job prospects.

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