How To Become A Sitecore CMS Developer In 2024?

February 14th, 2019
Become Sitecore CMS Developer

2024 is a great year for those who wish to step into the field of Sitecore CMS. To know how to become a Sitecore CMS developer in 2024, it is first important to know as to why learn Sitecore CMS. While it can simply be related to the fact that Sitecore skills are high in demand, there are other reasons too.

This comprehensive blog has been crafted to help you steer in the right direction. Anyone with the intent of learning Sitecore should take the aid of this blog. But first - what is Sitecore CMS?

What is Sitecore CMS?

Sitecore was launched in 2001. Today, it is a top enterprise-level integrated platform that is widely used for web content management. With Sitecore, businesses are able to manage their content in an affordable manner, support customer self-service, boost their online presence, and increase their online sales.

Some of the top global names like Rabobank, Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, etc. rely on Sitecore for efficiently managing their content. There is a huge demand for Sitecore developers worldwide. However, not enough professionals have the required skill set to qualify for the top-level jobs. You, however, can get to that point by unlocking an answer to how to become a Sitecore CMS Developer. Keep on reading!

Who is a Sitecore Developer?

A Sitecore developer is a software developer with specialized knowledge in working with the Sitecore CMS. These professionals have knowledge and skill to build and optimize apps, websites, and various other digital products by leveraging the Sitecore technology.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Sitecore Developer

As a Sitecore developer, you will be tasked with carrying out different responsibilities based on your role in that organization and your expertise level. Here is a list of some of the common responsibilities taken care of by Sitecore developers.

  • Build multi-channel software integrations.
  • Work closely with stakeholders to determine project scope and understand user requirements.
  • Collaborate with designers, software engineers, and managers to create new products.
  • Develop automations to facilitate website marketing functions.
  • Organize, update, and maintain code base.
  • Stay updated with the new additions and changes on the Sitecore platform.
  • Find and fix bugs.
  • Remove any bottlenecks to enhance software performance.
  • Performance data migrations between websites.
  • Develop wireframes to further demonstrate new user interfaces and features.
  • Write and test code to be used in a live environment.

As mentioned above, your true roles and responsibilities will vary once you step into your job profile. 

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Why Learn Sitecore CMS?

There are plenty of reasons to learn Sitecore CMS. In the coming years, you will witness a growth in the demand for Sitecore developers. Here is a list of the top reasons to enroll in Sitecore online training.

  • Learn to construct a website with multilingual functionality that has a plethora of features. This list includes translation comparison editing, content/ language versioning, and workflow.
  • Increase customer integrations by leveraging knowledge of A/B and Multivariate testing content.
  • Leverage your knowledge to convert general visitors into permanent customers.
  • Lead your organization to the top by using your SEO knowledge.
  • Create an e-commerce website to stay ahead in the B2C environment.
  • Gain extensive control over AIDA (analysis, insights, decision, automation).
  • Get seen by hiring managers of the top companies throughout the globe.
  • It is a rapidly-growing CMS platform with leading organizations as its users.

How to Become a Sitecore CMS Developer?

When you set out to become a Sitecore CMS Developer, the journey will not be a short or an easy one. In fact, you will have to go through a tedious tread. However, ultimately, you will definitely benefit from the hard work, time, and efforts you put in. Here are some ways to get closer to your goal of becoming a Sitecore CMS developer.

1. Understand Sitecore Basics

Before you set sail towards Sitecore development, it is important to gain in-depth understanding of the basics. Hence, get started with Sitecore's components, terminologies, and architecture. This can easily be done with the aid of Sitecore documentation.

2. Get Started with Web Technologies

To become a proficient Sitecore CMS developer, you must have a strong foundation in different web technologies. These include JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with C# and ASP.NET.

3. Opt an Online Platform for Sitecore Course

Choosing an online platform for Sitecore training will help you become a pro in this platform in a short span of time. An online program aids in learning from industry experts without having to be physically in the same place. Also, there are plenty of self-paced courses that are again a great option. Either way, you save a lot of time as the conveyance time is eliminated.

4. Earn Sitecore Certification

Earning a Sitecore certification will help you get seen by hiring professionals. When your resume will reflect credentials like Sitecore Experience Solution Developer or a Sitecore Professional Developer, many opportunity doors will open up for you. Stand out in this highly competitive job market with a Sitecore certification.

5. Work with Sitecore Development Tools

To ensure your capabilities as a Sitecore developer are optimum, you must gain knowledge of the top development tools. By learning to leverage these tools, you can easily streamline the process of development. This includes tools like Sitecore Rocks, Sitecore PowerShell Extensions, and Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).

6. Join the Sitecore Community

When you choose to join the Sitecore community, you tap into a lot of accumulated potential. Since this community comprises seasoned professionals, industry experts, and platform enthusiasts. You can also attend meetups, join forums, and go to seminars.

7. Stay Updated on the Versions

Sitecore CMS is consistently evolving and thus, the current working version might not be the one you have learned or worked on. New versions bring forth new features and more improvements. And it is important you get ahead of them all. Hence, consistent learning is an integral part of being a Sitecore CMS developer.

There are plenty of ways to stay updated and that involves being a part of the community and subscribing to newsletters. Staying relevant is the only way to survive in this highly dynamic sector.

8. Embrace Continuous Learning

Before you decide to become a part of the tech world, you should be prepared for one thing and that is continuous learning. Be ready to accept it as a part of your professional journey and being enthusiastic about it will make the process easier. Be it changes in the versions, added features, or new trends, you should be on your toes to learn it all.

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All in all, becoming a Sitecore CMS developer is certainly a great career choice. Now that you are aware of how to become a Sitecore CMS developer, all that is left to do is to get going. Make your moves now and your future will be highly secure and set.

The choices you make today will have a heavy impact on your tomorrow. Thus, be certain to wisely pick a learning platform and an online Sitecore training. You will need a perfect blend of technical and soft skills to move ahead, and all of those are mentioned here. Master Sitecore fundamentals to climb up the ladder.

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