How To Learn Generative AI From Scratch? A Complete Guide [2024]

April 16th, 2024

Want to learn Generative AI? This guide on how to learn Generative AI will help you a lot in your Gen AI learning journey.

How To Learn Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its way through to almost all industries, enabling transformation, revolutionization, and innovation. Closely following in its footsteps is Generative AI, one of AI's many subfields. The key aspect that makes this subfield stand tall is its ability to imitate human-like creation, generating new content.

It has become a huge field and at the pace at which it is expanding, its expansion is not going to stop anytime soon. This guide from experts paves a roadmap on how to learn generative AI from scratch. After all, a technology that is spreading like wildfire must bring in brilliant future opportunities too! Here is an introduction to generative AI.

Introduction to Generative AI

Gen AI has completely transformed how various organizations and individuals approach content generation and associated tasks like question-answering and language translation. OpenAI's language model-based apps like ChatGPT and DALL-E, Anthropic's code generation platform Claude, and Google's Bard all are exceptional examples of what this technology can do.

In fact, what can it not do? Think about anything that needs to be done and there are some Gen AI tools that have already been made to make it happen. Initial human intervention is essential but then the tool itself is programmed to drive out answers and follow commands.

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How To Learn Generative AI

This brings us back to the imperative question of how to learn generative AI. Here are certain bases you have to cover to begin your career in this field.

1. Know the Basics of AI And ML

The first thing to do is to get to know the basics of gen AI. This includes understanding its models, tools, applications, and how it works. Having an in-depth understanding of these key factors will help you get started and learn faster.

Generative models are basically algorithms that aid in generating data after being trained on gigantic data sets. To get the basics straight and have some amount of basic knowledge, you can read online blogs, watch tutorials and go through videos.

2. Learn Necessary Technologies & Skills

It is ultimately all about the skills and knowledge you have in different associated technologies and languages. Here are a few.

3. Learn About Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Algorithms and techniques employed in machine learning and its subset, deep learning play an important role. It incorporates getting a hold of concepts like reinforcement learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning and neural networks. Knowledge of various types of gen models like GANs (generative adversarial networks) and VAEs (variational autoencoders) is needed.

4. Computer Vision & Natural Language Processing Is Must

Gen AI consists of two AI subfields and these are computer vision and natural language processing. NLP is focused on interactions happening between computers and human language to create realistic text on the basis of the prompt given. Computer visions divert focus on ensuring computers understand and interpret visual information to create realistic videos and images based on a concept.

5. Mathematics & Statistics

Two foundational concepts of gen AI are mathematics and statistics, both of which offer necessary concepts and tools to understand the underlying algorithm and principles of generative models. Calculus, statistics, linear algebra and probability theory are essential concepts used for different purposes. These help in modeling uncertainty, transforming and manipulating data, making data-driven predictions and optimizing algorithms and models.

6. Knowledge of Programming Languages

A strong foundation in top programming languages is imperative to make a career in this field. Python, R, PyTorch and TensorFlow are some of the key languages that have all the essential libraries and tools needed to train and implement gen AI models. Python is the most important one to know, along with its libraries like Matplotlib, NumPy and Pandas.

7. Enroll in a Training Program

If you are serious about getting an answer to how to learn generative AI, then you must enroll in a training program. It would be better to go for an online learning course and it will give you more flexibility of learning anytime and anywhere.

Be certain to pick a course that is taught by industry professionals with good knowledge, experience and expertise. This is a key step in ensuring you have the right means to kickstart your learning journey. A good course will also prepare you to pass any certification exam you aim at earning.

8. Earn Top Certifications

While gen AI is a field that is yet to have any official certification, there are many different ones out there that are totally mandatory. Most of the certifications you find on gen AI are provided by the ones offering the training. However, you can also go with a training that simply provides a course completion certification and it would be all the same.

9. Practice its Implementation

Making it big in the space of gen AI is all about how good you are while doing tasks and not just on paper. To ensure you ace your interviews and get the job of your dreams, you should practice implementing it as much as possible. Exactly what you need hands-on skills on depends on the job role and responsibilities.

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Why Learn Generative AI?

Have you too been wondering why learn generative AI? The reasons are too many to ignore and here are a few.

1. Growing Market

There is an expansive gen AI market out there. As per a Fortune Business Insights report, its market size was around $43.87 bil USD in 2023 but is projected to reach $967.65 bil USD by 2032. This clearly showcases its current and future potential.

2. Bright Future

Since the market size is growing, the future is getting better too. More and more industries are adopting gen AI best practices, which sums up to the fact that more employment possibilities will open up for those who have skills and knowledge in this sector.

3. Better Pay

Most organizations want to imbibe gen AI but find it difficult to find trained and experienced professionals for the same. Hence, anyone who can offer both of it will be able to ask for a better pay than other job roles.

4. Stay Ahead of your Competitors

There are no two ways about the fact that gen AI is the future. Getting started in your learning journey today means you are already a step ahead of your competitors. By the time others start, your knowledge span will be vast.

Final Words

Now that you know how to learn generative AI, what are you waiting for? It is certainly the technology of the future and will yield the great outcomes that are expected from it. With its expanding applications and tools, gen AI is not far from becoming the backbone of many organizations.

FAQs for How To Learn Generative AI

Question 1. Do I need to learn Python for generative AI?

Python is the most important programming language needed for genAI. Without this, it is not possible to become a pro as it has all the amazing libraries and frameworks needed.

Question 2. How to learn Generative AI for free?

To learn generative AI for free, you can take the help of tutorials, blogs and online videos. There are also some free introductory courses. These are all, however, only for reference and not to be relied on solely.

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