AI Engineer Salary

AI Engineer Salary [India, USA, And More]

Vidhi Gupta
July 10th, 2024
6:00 Minutes

The penetration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has completely changed the technology and innovation landscape in India and other countries as well. And thus Indian tech market is witnessing a boom in AI jobs in the last few months. In this article, we will discuss the factors related to the AI Engineer salary and also discuss the facts that are affecting the salary of AI engineers.

Artificial intelligence, or AI is expected to grow tremendously. Let us first take a look at some of its key statistics to better understand its future.

  • As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in information research and computers will grow approximately 23% between the years 2022 and 2032.
  • Indeed has released stats stating that data scientists and ML engineers are enjoying the leading positions today.
  • CAG of India has gone on record to say that AI holds the potential to contribute $15.7 trillion by the year 2030 to the global economy.

These statistics and numbers clearly state the current position and growing culture of AI. It is amid all this that the demand for AI engineers is on the rise. These are highly skilled, trained and certified professionals with extensive field knowledge. They have all necessary means to bring out the best from this technology. Let's discuses the AI Engineer Salary for a better understanding.

AI Engineer Salary

An AI Engineer salary may vary significantly. There are plenty of reasons for the same. Some of the most common factors that influence what an AI engineer is paid includes level of education, geographic location, years of experience, their specific skills and industry.

That said, they are still among the top-paid professionals in the tech world. This is primarily due to the rising demand for people with their skills and the increasing complexity of their job. This is an in-depth study of the factors that determine their salaries. Here are some factors that affect AI engineer salary.

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Factors Influencing Artificial Intelligence Engineer Salary

Geographic Location

The geographical location of a person plays an imperative role here. Since remote work culture has grown significantly in recent years, it is more about where the company is located. In either case, geography is one of the biggest influencing factors in a person's income.

United States: AI engineers working in tech hubs such as New York, Seattle and Silicon Valley are typically the highest salary earners. Glassdoor states that the average salary earned by an AI engineer in the USA is around $130k per year. However, this can easily go over $150k in high-demand and tech areas.

Europe: Countries such as Germany, France and the UK usually offer salaries that are lower than what is offered in the USA. However, they can still be considered competitive. For example, the average salary earned by an AI engineer in the UK is around £55.5k per annum.

Asia: The average salaries earned in countries such as India and China are generally lower, especially when compared with the Western countries. However, the changing tech wave has led to a rapid increase in this number too. In India, a qualified AI engineer usually earns approximately INR 11 lakhs per annum.

AI Engineer Salary Based On Experience

Experience is also a major factor in determining an AI engineer salary. However, a fresher does not earn the same amount as a seasoned professional. This is a universal truth that applies to all walks of life and work. Similarly, an entry-level AI engineer cannot be expected to earn what is being offered to an experienced professional in the field. (US stats)

AI Engineer Salary For Freshers or Entry-Level

Fresh graduates, beginners or even those with around two years of experience fall under this category. These beginners usually earn an average of $115.k annually.


AI Engineers who have a working experience between 3-5 years typically earn somewhere around $154.3k per annum.


Seasoned AI engineers holding five+ years of experience certainly take the top earnings. They usually earn an average of $204.3k per year. This number can certainly be higher for those who have specialized skills or acted in leadership roles.

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Not every industry pays equally. Sectors that are already leading or are growing at a rapid pace have more potential to spend more. Thus, they pay better and are willing to hire more professionals, creating more employment. It is also about usability. A field that heavily relies on AI will be more open to paying better salaries.

  • Technology: The tech industry is the one offering the highest salaries. This is particularly true of companies that are in Silicon Valley. Tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google offer lucrative packages to people on all levels.
  • Finance: AI engineers are also very well paid in financial institutions. The reason behind being offered such competitive salaries is due to the increasing value of AI in current and upcoming trading algorithms. The increasing need for risk management and fraud detection has also positively impacted the demand for these professionals.
  • Healthcare: Today, the healthcare domain relies a lot on AI for personalized medicine and diagnostics. This dependency is increasing rapidly, which means better salaries are being offered to AI engineers.
  • Startups: Startups usually offer lower base salaries to their employees. However, their compensation might also involve stock or equity options. These might prove to be highly lucrative in the future.

Specific Skills

There is no end to the number and kind of skills an Artificial Intelligence engineer can have in their pocket. The better and more refined the skills are, the better will be the pay. Some of the top specific skills to have are-

    • Machine Learning: High level expertise in ML, especially with its frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow, can lead to a major salary boost.
    • Deep Learning: Skills in neural networks, DL and associated technologies are in high demand across all sectors.
    • Natural Language Processing: Artificial Intelligence Engineers that specialize in NLP can certainly expect better salaries. Hence, this skill is highly complex and valuable.
    • Big Data: Those with working experience with big data technologies and tools also have better earning potential. Common ones are Hadoop and Spark.

    Final Word For AI Engineer Salary

    Well, this is all about Artificial Engineer salary. Furthermore, artificial intelligence has evolved drastically from just a theoretical concept to a highly transformative technology. Its significant societal impact and applications have also grown along with this tech. Its usefulness spans various sectors, improving decision-making, innovation and efficiency.

    AI offers multiple advantages like improved accuracy and automation. At the same time, it poses various challenges too, like job displacement and ethical concerns. The future of AI is certainly exciting, with advancements expected to further integration of AI into everyday tasks.

    Those who aspire to enter this dynamic and evolving field must ensure a strong educational foundation. Continuous learning is also a big part of being in the field of artificial intelligence. AI engineering promises a rewarding career and unlimited opportunities with competitive salaries. Thus, reflecting the value of this expertise and skills.

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