Generative AI Engineer Salary

Generative AI Engineer Salary [Updated 2024]

Vidhi Gupta
July 11th, 2024
6:00 Minutes

Understanding generative AI engineer salary is a key step. Every professional aims at earning a good amount. This is only possible if they pick the right career route. While there are no doubts about Gen AI's future, it is certain that knowing about its associated salary beforehand will be helpful.

Generative AI Engineer Salary

Generative AI engineers play a huge role in the development of cutting-edge AI technologies. These technologies further enable machines in creating content autonomously. There is a rising demand for these professionals, which is driven by the innovation and complexity of their work.

High-Demand Industries

Technology: The tech sector is considered to be the largest employer today of gen AI engineers. Many leading tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google are always on the search for talented professionals to develop and improve AI services and products. The salaries in this sector are certainly among the top ones.

Finance: All leading financial institutions are using AI for risk management, fraud detection and algorithmic trading. This field provides high salaries, which is why many of these engineers get into this field.

Healthcare: AI is behind the constant revolution that is happening in healthcare. It has enabled personalized medicine, drug discovery and diagnostics at a much rapid pace. Since the demand for AI-driven healthcare solutions is growing, their salaries are quite lucrative too.

Entertainment & Media: A lot of leading companies in the entertainment and media industry are leveraging AI for content creation. This includes movies, music and video games. The growth in the OTT culture has increased the demand for such engineers in this field. Consequently, they are also being paid well.

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Generative AI Engineer Salary In India, USA, And More

Gen AI Engineer Salary In India

Mumbai: This city is the financial capital of India and harbors a plethora of gen AI engineers. The salaries offered range between INR 9 LPA to INR 27 LPA.

Bangalore: This is India's Silicon Valley that offers the highest salaries in most cases. For such professionals, it offers between INR 10 LPA to INR 30 LPA.

Delhi-NCR: It's a growing tech space with great scope of growth for AI engineers. The average earning number ranges between INR 8 LPA to INR 26 LPA.

Gen AI Engineer Salary In United States

New York City: It's known for its media and finance industries and offers great salaries. These usually range between USD 150k to USD 220k.

Silicon Valley: This is the tech hub and provides the top salaries for generative AI engineers. These usually exceed USD 200k annually, even for mid-level positions.

Austin & Seattle: Both of these are emerging tech hubs and offer highly competitive salaries. They usually earn between USD 130k to USD 180k.

Gen AI Engineer Salary In Europe

London: It is a top financial center and provides Gen AI engineers with competitive salaries. It usually range between POUND 80k to POUND 150k.

Berlin: It is witnessing a growing tech scene. The salaries offered lie between EURO 70k and EURO 130k.

Gen AI Engineer Salary In Asia

Singapore: This country is known for its tech and financial sectors. It is currently offering highly competitive salaries that range between SGD 120k to SGD 200k.

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Gen AI Engineer Salary As Per Experience

Entry-Level Engineers

Entry-level engineers must have a bachelor's degree. This could be in engineering, computer science, or such fields. Having an internship experience in AI, ML or related areas can be a requirement in many cases.

Entry-level engineers usually commence their journey as research assistants or junior developers. They gain hands-on experience in using AI models and data to grow ahead.

Mid-Level Engineers

Mid-level engineers are required to have many years of working, hands-on experience in AI development. They should also have a master's degree or PhD. Both these give a significant boost to their earning potential. Those with experience in using gen models such as GANs and VAEs are highly valued.

They usually take on slightly upper roles. These could be project managers or lead developers. They are in charge of overseeing the implementation and development of AI models.

Senior-Level Engineers

Senior level engineers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in AI and ML. They are often required to have a PhD in an associated field. Senior engineers usually occupy leadership positions. These could be chief AI officers or AI research directors. They guide strategic AI initiatives and mentor junior staff.


Gen AI showcases a transformative jump in technology. It has enabled machines to create new and unique content across multiple domains. Its potential benefits and applications are vast. It has become a critical focus area for future advancements in AI.

This technology is rapidly transforming various industries by automating different creative processes. Consequently, it is improving natural language processing. All this enables personalized content, advanced problem-solving capabilities and innovative product designs.

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