Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Vidhi Gupta
June 18th, 2024
3:00 Minutes

There is a different kind of futuristic appeal attached to machine learning and artificial intelligence roles. As these technologies become more imperative in various industries, many sought-after career paths open up. One of these is that of an ML engineer. But who are they and what is a machine learning engineer salary? This blog has all the answers!

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

A machine learning engineer has prowess in implementing, maintaining and designing ML systems. These professionals apply multiple techniques and algorithms for developing predictive models, analyzing humongous data sets and extracting insights. ML engineers usually have great statistics, mathematics and programming skills. Their understanding of ML frameworks and algorithms is noteworthy. They work in close proximity with software engineers, stakeholders and data scientists. Deploying ML solutions to address key business needs is the motive behind implementing machine learning. There are many roles and responsibilities undertaken by these experts. But how much do they earn?

Machine Learning Engineer Salary

Take these points into consideration to completely understand the aspect of a machine learning engineer salary:

  • A machine learning engineer earns Rs. 8.3 LPA in India on an average.
  • The salary range is between Rs. 3.5 LPA to Rs. 20 LPA (including bonus and other perks).
  • Entry-level positions begin at around Rs. 5 LPA on an average.
  • Mid-level professionals usually earn around Rs. 11.4 LPA on an average.
  • Experienced professionals' average salary is around Rs. 20 LPA.
  • Professionals with similar experience earn way more in western countries like the UK and US.
  • In India, professionals in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai, etc. are likely to earn more for similar work roles.
  • Average ML engineer's salary in the US is around Dollar 240K per year.
  • Average ML engineer's salary in the UK is around pound 73K per year.

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Essential Skills of a Machine Learning Engineer

Becoming an ML engineer is going to be a highly beneficial career option. There is a great salary package associated with the role of an ML engineer, which means the competition is soon going to be high. This is hence the best time to get started by learning the essential skills.

  • Machine Learning

Learn the key concepts of this technology like supervised & unsupervised learning and semi-supervised & reinforcement learning. Additionally, learn about cross-validation & data clearing techniques, exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, model deployment, etc.

  • Programming Languages

It's important to know how to read, edit and create codes. Top programming languages today are Python, C++, R, Java and JavaScript.

  • Data Visualization

Knowledge about showcasing the findings in easy-to-understand manner is crucial. Learn tools like Seaborn, matplotlib, etc.

  • Deep Learning

Understand DL concepts to enhance the resume. These include Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks, YOLO V4, Long Short Term Memory Networks, etc.

  • Cloud Computing

Knowledge of cloud platforms like IBM Watson, AWS SageMaker, Azure ML and Google Cloud AI is important.

  • Maths & Statistics

These two are the driving force behind ML. Calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, statistics, probability, differential calculus, etc. are the key topics.

  • Business Intelligence Tools

SAS Business Intelligence, MicroStrategy, Tableau, Oracle Business Intelligence, etc.

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