How To Become A Machine Learning Engineer In 2024?

May 21st, 2019
Machine Learning Engineer

Everyone is talking about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence these days. While people have understood that neither of these technologies is going to result in robots taking over human jobs, there is still an imperative need to understand what exactly they are and how they will influence the tech world and your jobs. Now days most of the IT professionals wants to become Machine Learning Engineer.

Machine learning has become more common in all areas of society. As opposed to popular prior beliefs, ML or AI are not the cause of mass unemployment. Instead, these have opened up doors to a lot more potential careers and job opportunities. It has rendered people with the potential to showcase their true talent and skills where it will be appreciated.

Hence, the opportunity to seek a career in technology has come forth. In this blog, we are going to unveil ‘how to become a machine learning engineer?' Let us understand ‘what is machine learning', what are their roles and responsibilities, and how to become one. Let's begin!

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, as we all probably already know, is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is a method of data analysis, using which, the process of building analytical models is automated. It is curated on the idea that a system learns from the data it is given, identifies patterns in it, and finally learns to make decisions with no or minimal human intervention.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

A machine learning engineer is an expert in charge of designing, deploying, and developing ML systems and models. These engineers bring together the best of software engineering and data science to turn the derived data insights into scalable, practical applications. There are plenty of roles they play in an organization and a few of those are mentioned here.

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers work with big data. To handle the resulting terabytes of real-time data, theoretical data science models are used by ML engineers. They also built programs to control robots and computers.

ML engineers develop algorithms that allow a machine to go through its programming data and identify patterns in it. Here is the list of certain responsibilities of an ML engineer.

  • Stay in contact with stakeholders to help them analyze business problems and clarify requirements.
  • Define the required resolution scope.
  • Analyze gigantic complex datasets to extract insights and decide appropriate techniques.
  • Provide support to product managers and engineers to implement ML in company products.
  • Develop algorithms based on statistical model procedures.
  • Build and maintain scalable ML solutions in production.
  • Find patterns and predict unseen instances with data modeling and evaluation strategy.
  • Apply ML algorithms and libraries.
  • Spreadhead software engineering and software design
  • Use computer science fundamentals like algorithms, complexity, data structures, computability, and computer architecture.
  • Perform computations and work with algorithms using mathematical skills.
  • Collaborate with the data engineers to build data models and pipelines.
  • Manage the data infrastructure and pipelines.

It should also be understood that there are different kinds of machine learning engineers.

There are the software engineers, who train in computer science fundamentals and programming. Applied ML engineers focus on computer science fundamentals and programming, taking care of ML algorithms and libraries. Finally, core ML engineers are the ones with great prowess in computer science fundamentals and programming.

How to Become a ML Engineer in 2024?

The main question still remains: how to become a machine learning engineer? Or if you are already somewhat a part of this field, then how to upskill yourself in your present job. Well, while the answer to all this possibly includes going for a machine learning training online, here is a list of certain skills you must 

Skills Needed to Become a ML Engineer

1. Software Engineering & System Design

ML engineers should have a good understanding of how all of the elements work mutually and communicate with one another. They should have knowledge of creating interfaces that can be used by others. Knowledge of system design and software engineering best practices is a must.

2. Probability & Statistics

Machine learning engineers must have a knowledge of the formal characterization of probability. This includes Bayes' rule, independence, conditional probability, and likelihood, along with the techniques derived from it. Engineers should also have a good grasp of distributions, analysis methods, and statistics measures.

3. Computer Science Fundamentals & Programming

When we say computer science fundamentals and programming, we mean knowledge of

  • Data structures. For instance, queues,  stacks, graphs, multi-dimensional arrays, and trees
  • Computability and complexity. For instance, NP-complete problems, approximate algorithms, P vs NP, and big-O notation
  • Algorithms. For instance, searching, optimization, sorting, and dynamic programming
  • Computer architecture. For instance, memory, bandwidth, cache, deadlocks, and distributed processing

4. Data Modeling & Evaluation

It is important to have skills to analyze unstructured data models, which means having skills around data modeling and evaluation. There are plenty of data modeling concepts that you should be aware of. Learn to analyze data structures and identify patterns. This aids in evaluating data using suitable algorithms like clustering algorithm, classification algorithm, etc.

5. Machine Learning Algorithms

You should have a good grasp of the often-used machine learning algorithms, along with their best practices and implementation. These include supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning algorithms. There are various subdivisions to these, which you will learn better by enrolling in a machine learning certification course.

6. Good communication skills

A capable ML engineer can either be working with a single team or with multiple teams from other agencies. To be able to completely tell your ideas to everyone on the team and to the stakeholders, you will need strong communication skills. Other soft skills such as problem-solving skills and teamwork are also important.

7. Programming Knowledge

To become a leading ML engineer, you require extensive knowledge of programming languages. Python, Java, and R are among the top languages these engineers should know. C++, C, JavaScript, Scala, and Julia are also languages to learn. Skills in Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib are also necessary.

Importance of ML Training

Have you ever wondered why so many people prefer to go for an official training rather than learn online via free means? Well, that is because of the plenty of benefits that come as a result of enrolling with one.

A machine learning online course will give you the opportunity to learn more about this field and explore it through guidance from industry professionals. These seasoned experts have all the necessary knowledge about latest updates, changes, and techniques. You will also be able to prepare for your machine learning interview.


Now that you are aware of how to become a machine learning engineer, there is nothing that stands in your way of becoming a pro. You are aware of the skills needed to become one, and also have knowledge about the reason to go for a machine learning course online. Start your journey now and explore the big sea of opportunities and expansion that awaits you.

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